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Hi. I used Rmarkdown build in a project to build the _site file for a website. If i drag and drop that folder to netlify it works fine. i pushed the project files to a github repository. in netlify, i tried to create a new web page with the use exiting project option, selected the github repository, and it showed that it was selecting the same _site file. but when i tried to build it it says that the build failed. i eliminated the reference to jekyll in the build command, but that does not help. i guess i need to reference a different build command but i cannot find anything that helps. thanks to anyone who has an idea of what i could do (i have used hugo and blogdown before but wanted something simpler). thanks


you could be interested to read this blog post and look at the linked resource (especially the video and slides)

With netlify, you don't want to let it build the website. Netlify does not build with R (Rmd to HTML). You just need to build yourself and then publish to netlify the resulting folder. Usually two workflow:

  • You build locally your website and your committing the _site directory. Then you configure netlify to deploy this folder without building anything
  • You push only the source code to Github and you use a Github Action workflow for example to build your website with R and as a last step publish the resulting directory to Netlify.

You'll found several example of that online.

Hope it helps

thanks, i have looked at that. turns out you can go to netlify, select add new site, choose the option "import an existing project", select github and then the repository with your rmarkdown website build. then change the build manager to "yarn" (but no quotes). worked just fine. that seems easier than dragging and dropping and much less work than blogdown.

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Great !

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