Neither R Console nor Rstudio working on Mac

Hi Everyone,

I am completely lost trying to fix my Rstudio. I have attached screenshots of what both programs look like when I open them. When I open R, my Mac's rainbow wheel just endless spins until my mac starts to heat up and crashes the app. When I open Rstudio it is totally non-functional but doesn't crash. I have done a clean uninstall/reinstall of both of the apps with no luck and have been trying for 2+ weeks with no luck. I have also downloaded Xquartz still with no luck.

Looking for anything to get me going again!

Link to pics:

Thank you to everyone in advance

Hi, and welcome.

RStudio will open without R but it won't do anything. So let's concentrate on R

Are you on Catalina? Or an older OS?

How did you install R. Did you use a package manager? If from CRAN, did you use the notarized version?

Hi Struggling.with.R,
It looks like you have R installed correctly, and a couple of thoughts came to mind.

From the attached pict, it looks like it's trying to load the contents of .Rdata from your home directory when R is starting up. There may be a very large object stored in that file which could slow things down. First thing to do, is close the R console, and delete that file, and make sure that the preference for saving the workspace when R is shutdown is deselected.

Second, R loads everything into RAM, so having 14 programs open simultaneously will likely have an impact on R performance, and on MacOS X overall.

Hope this helps

Hi there,

I am on catalina. I used CRAN and used the most recent notarized version. I have used Rstudio for several months on this computer with no issues. The issue has come up now after having not used it for a few months.

This is totally possible. The last dataset I was working with had >800k respondents. I backed up the project to google drive and deleted it from my computer. I restarted the computer then tried opening R again but no dice. I'm still having the same issue despite deleting the R file that I saved from my last project. It's totally possible that I didn't delete the right files maybe? Is there a file type that I should be looking for?

In order to update the settings to prevent R from reopening the program, the spinning icon has to stop so unfortunately I can't even open up my R settings to untick the box.

Hi Struggling,
You should be looking for an R workspace file, .Rdata that's located in your home or default work directory, whatever you last used. In your screenshot, the name of that file is listed in the bottom left corner of your R console app. This file might be invisible because the filename starts with a period. The easiest way to remove it, is to use the Terminal, and type in rm -i ~/.Rdata which will give you a prompt. If you are sure that's the right file to delete, then type 'y' to confirm.

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