need tips on assessing whether jobs are still executing

Hi all,
New-ish to R and RStudio and I'm running R scripts that takes a while to execute (e.g. machine learning code). I'm working through RStudio Workbench in a server environment, and I'm not an admin. Occasionally, my programs wander off and fail without notification. I could use some pointers/references please on the best ways I can verify that my program is actually still executing. The Workbench dashboard is not representative, that is, it will show "executing" and a green icon even when an admin tells me my program has failed. Similarly, the green icon in the console window does not seem to give valid info in these situation; it too shows my program is still executing.

Thanks for you help. Links for me to read-up and learn are fine! For now, I'm not concerned about exectution time, only verifying that my long-running programs are actually exectuing.

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