Need open source clean dataset


I follow a MOOC and for the final exam, I have to provide some analysis of a dataset, and the opensource data they provide are so messy that I can not make any analysis. However they allow us to make an analysis as far as the dataset we work on is open source. So is there any one who could provide me with a tidy open source dataset please?


I don't know what type of dataset you are interested in but there are a load of great open data sites.

A few examples:
US Open Data
Surrey, Canada Open Data
NYC Open Data

thanks. are they ready to use, without messy data?

It will depend on the specific dataset, some are nice and tidy and some need a little love.

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You will find a number of open-licenced data sets in the British Columbia Data Catalogue, you are looking for anything licenced with the Open Government Licence-BritishColumbia.

Some data sets will be tidy, others less so. Just a thought though, if the MOOC-provided data sets are "messy", it could be that tidying them is part of the final exam?

Good luck!

thanks Steph. Actually tidying data is not part of the exam, because I asked them.

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