Need help with error message on R Studio

I am defining a vector called countrylist as follows

countrylist <- c("Liberia" = LBR, "Mauritius" = MUS, "Namibia" = NAM, "Rwanda" = RWA)
Error: object 'LBR' not found

I get this error message. I don't think I did something wrong in defining that vector?

By the way, I am trying to access the World Bank database and got all the codes from the World Bank's Website.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


Hi @vcheongtook

when defining a vector, if you don't use quotations around a word R will assume you want to reference a variable with that name.
In your case LBR is not quoted so R searches for a variable named LBR. Since it didn't find one it throws the error.


countrylist <- c("Liberia" = "LBR", "Mauritius" = "MUS", "Namibia" = "NAM", "Rwanda" = "RWA")

will resolve the error.

Full code


countrylist <- c("Liberia" = "LBR", "Mauritius" = "MUS", "Namibia" = "NAM", "Rwanda" = "RWA")

# from the help page of the function wb_data
# Population, GDP, Unemployment Rate, Birth Rate (per 1000 people)
my_indicators <- c("SP.POP.TOTL",

df <- wb_data(indicator = my_indicators,
                 country = countrylist)
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Hi @vedoa
Thank you loads for your help. Much appreciated.


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