Need help with a bit advanced wordcloud animation

Hello. R newbie here.

I have 2 wordclouds. The first is made with wordcloud() and the second one is made with and has classes.

I created gifs for both of them.

The gifs are made using many wordcloud images where I set the text color of the items i don't want to display in a frame same as the background color.

For wordcloud i start with the most popular words in the first frame and as i move on in the next frames i display the next most popular words until the canvas is filled.

For i start with the first class in the first frame and in the next frames i display each class until the canvas is filled.

What I want to do now is to create a gif for the that will be a combination of both the gifs i mentioned above.

I want for the first frame to display the highest frequency from the first class.
Then for the second frame, the highest from second class and so on.
When one cycle ends the 2nd highest frequency of the first class displays and so on.

I haven't found anything online so i decided to start a topic here.
Also i am not really sure if this is possible.
Any suggestion or hint would be appreciated.

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