Need help to run R studio

Hi , this is Medini from India, I am not able to operate R studio in my PC (Windows 7). Grateful if someone would help me in this matter.
Screen shot is attached for your reference.

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Hi @medinikb!

It's a bit difficult to see what might be going on with your system and why you're having issues with RStudio.

My first question is, have you installed R? R and RStudio are two different things - R is the software that runs all of the analyses, and RStudio is an interface that makes interacting with R a bit easier.

If you've got a moment, I would recommend uninstalling everything and giving it another go using @jennybryan's instructions on setting up R and RStudio, which can be found here:

As you go through the process, feel free to reach out with specific issues you're having along the way!

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