Need help to create shortcuts

Hi everyone,

I recently updated my RSTUDIO to 2022.12, and it deleted all my shortcut mapping for MacOS (didn't happen in previous updates but still, understandable). My problem comes when I try to remap functions that cannot be remapped using "Modify Keyboard Shortcuts" (from now on "MKS") function in R. I explicitly refer to the function of "New File > R Markdown..."

I had no problem remapping other functions that were included in the "MKS" list, either by using the "MKS" function within RSTUDIO, or simply using the "Shortcut Keyboard" options provided by MacOs.

It really is exasperating watching how there's the function to "New File > R Notebook" using "MKS" list, but not one for R Markdown.

For the sake of my OCD, and also to learn how to map even more functions than before, I come to the Posit Community to understand:

  • How to map functions that are not included by default in the "MKS" (i.e., map any function available in the list shortcut bar in MacOS, as the example I mentioned). I read something of a package called "shrtcts", but it seemed a bit difficult.
  • Find a complete list of all the "KS" for Mac (I saw many webpages, but they don't have all...)

Thank you!

(P.S., I had no problem remapping any function from the MacOS shortcut bar in the previous RStudio version, if no solution is provided, I will be forced to go to the previous version. This would be a shame, because this version feels more fluent).

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