Need Help on Text Mining Confusion Matrix

training <- sample(c(1:2000), 0.6*2000)

trainData = cbind(label = label[training], words.df[training,])
reg <- glm(label ~ ., data = trainData, family = 'binomial')

validData = cbind(label = label[-training], words.df[-training,])
pred <- predict(reg, newdata = validData, type = "response")

confusionMatrix(ifelse(pred>0.5, 1, 0), label[-training])

However, it doesn't produce confusion matrix.
Therefore, I tried with

confusionMatrix(as.factor(ifelse(pred>0.5), as.factor(label[-training])

But, nothing is working. I will appreciate if you can point out the issue and/or suggestion.

Hello @franklee20, welcome to RStudio Community.

It would help a lot if you could provide a reproducible example by following the guide below. We don't have the label or words.df objects so it's hard to see what's happening.

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