Need help installing RStudio


I need to install Rstudio to complete a homework assignment and am having a real tough time. I went to: and selected: RStudio 1.1.442 - Windows Vista/7/8/10. But when I launch the program from the short cut I get the screen for Base R. Is their a way to get from that plain page to Rstudio? From the online tutorials Rstudio has a 4 quad homepage and that is just not what I am seeing.

Any help is appreciated! thanks!

Hi, does the icon you are clicking on look like this:
If so, that's not the RStudio application, that's the "base" R icon. The icon you are looking for looks more like a glass sphere with a white R in the middle, like the one in the preview picture of the IDE's video here:

Another thing you can do, is type "rstudio" in your Windows start to have the OS find it.

Hope this helps!

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First Install R Compiler from following link
then Install RStudio both 64 bit and 32 bit selected. (i had some issue installing just 64 bit in Win10)

let us know how it goes..