Need help in deployment

My professor gave me access to one of my university servers and asked me to deploy an R shiny app. I logged into it using SSH on visual studio and re-populated my app there with all the files. It has 3 pages, and the pages open up individually, but they don't interlink e.g. if I individually run the command to open Page2.R it opens. But when I click the button on page 1 to redirect to page 2, it can not do it. Previously on the local machine, I was using R studio, so that had fixed the problem, but now that is not working, anyone could guide me as to what to do. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @zaryab3d and welcome to Posit Community,

I have a few questions for you.

  1. What do you mean you "repopulated the app on the server with all the files"?
  2. Does your Shiny app contain all 3 pages or do you have 3 separate Shiny apps?

It would help to have more information about the structure of your app.

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