Need help combining rows in an excel file using R

I have a large excel file where I have 180 columns and 4000 rows. I want to combine some of the rows because most of the cells have an NA value. My first four columns are Metabolite, Mass, RT and RRT. The following columns contain areas for the metabolite peaks with one column containing information about one sample. I want to combine the rows based on the Metabolite name, and the RRT. The rows that are to be combined need to have a RRT value that is 0.05 of each other. The new merged rows need to have all of the original columns including the separate columns for each of the samples. I have tried a few codes but I am having a hard time getting anything to work how I want it to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please show us code to make small data frames demonstrating the data before and after the rows are combined. You need to only make a few columns. You can use the data.frame() function to do this.

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