Need help: Code works on a Mac but not a PC

I have a user who runs an R script on a mac and it works perfectly. Same script on a PC fails with:

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) :
Failure when receiving data from the peer

Here's the code (with identifiable info removed):

user_name <- "username"
password <- "password"

account_id_textnow <- "1234567"

## Loading Packages -----------------------------------------------------------

## Defining Functions ---------------------------------------------------------

# Creating URL
url <- paste0("",

# Retrieving response object from API
GET(url = url,
    query = list(page = "1",
                 size = 20,
                 startdate = "2019-04-01", 
                 enddate = "2019-04-04",
                 status = "COMPLETE"),
    authenticate(user_name, password),

Couple of things:

  • Same packages are loaded on both
  • Works fine from a Mac on the same network
  • Attempted this on 2 different Win10 and a Win2012R2 device
  • No Proxies on the network

Any ideas?

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