Need Help!. Can't Open RStudio Cloud Project. Please Terminate rsession.


I can't open my RStudio Cloud project. It was running fine but suddenly it went into "Opening Project" mode and it won't open. Can you please fix the issue. I have saved my code, so I should be able to recover it with your help. Here is the project link: (link removed for confidentiality)


The project somehow opened by itself. I guess the system might have restored after the weekend. However, I think RStudio Cloud needs to find a fix for these type of cases.

Hi @ahmad_zia,

Thank you for reporting, and glad to see it's fixed. We fixed some underlying node issues that seem to have tripped up your project.

We are definitely working to remove cases where projects can end up "stuck" like this, as well as make sure we can more quickly rectify the issues as they crop up! Thanks for your patience while we do so!

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