Need help calculating percent of production by source by 2018 for each continent


I am having trouble calculating the percent of production by source in 2018 for each continent.

df_tidy %>%
group_by (Country, tonnes) %>%


filter (Country % in % c("Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,Oceania"))

df_tidy<-pivot_wider(data=df_tidy,names_from = c("Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,Oceania"),values_from =tonnes/sum (df_tidy$tonnes, names_sep = "_"))


Error: Can't subset columns that don't exist. x Column Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,Oceania doesn't exist.

First of all, please read FAQ: What's a reproducible example (reprex) and how do I create one?

Without actual reprex I can't even guess where your problem actually starts. The error returned, perhaps, because your df_tidy does not have a column titled "Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,Oceania" (as a single word).

P.S. Consider following some guide for clean code writing (e.g. It is really hard to read and understand.

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