Need data for a specific location but facing a problem

Hello dear researcher,
I have NC file containing weather data.
So I need data based on latitude and longitude for a specific location.
you can see below codes and errors are also attached.
Additionally, my NC file is attached.

I am a new user of R software and need your help to solve this issue. Thank you



         infile = "",
         outfile = "NCAR-417800-99999;JINNAH_INTL;Latitude_24.907;Longitude_67.161;Height_30.5;Pakistan.csv",
         lon1 = 67.161,
         lat1 = 24.907,
         format = "csv")
Error in ncvar_get_inner(ncid2use, varid2use, nc$var[[li]]$missval, addOffset,  : 
  Error: variable has 4 dims, but start has 3 entries.  They must match!
In addition: Warning message:
In varsize - start :
  longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length

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