Navigation bar obscuring content in flexdashboard

I’m designing a flexdashboard dashboard with (at least!) 10 pages, so the navigation bar at the top is filling up rapidly. The problem is that with anything but the largest screen sizes, it splits into two or more lines, which then obscure the text beneath.

I’ve tried using media queries and fiddling around with divs (as suggested here and explained in more detail here), but haven’t had much luck… and feel there must be a better way!

The same problem is discussed here, where the solutions were either: putting the tabs in drop down menus, or adding lots of blank lines between the navigation bar and contents. Neither of these is ideal for me – adding lots of blank lines looks funny on a wider screen. If at all possible I would like the pages as individual buttons along the top of the page, on multiple lines if necessary, but moving the page content down when this happens rather than overlapping it.

Is there a way I can suggest this to the flexdashboard developers? It’s a great package otherwise!

Thanks very much in advance for your help :blush:

If not already one, you can open an issue in the Github repo

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Thanks :slight_smile: It looks like it's not there already, so I've opened the issue here

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