NASAaccess package

Hello everyone,
I'm a research student and I have very minimal knowledge of R.
There's a package called "NASAaccess" that I need to use for my work. I'm facing issues in using this package. There's an example code, when I try to run it, it doesn't work, and neither with my personal data.
The example code: Getting started with GPM data • NASAaccess
Is anyone familiar with this package?
When I run the example code, I'm getting this error:
Error in R_nc4_open: NetCDF: Unknown file format
Error in ncdf4::nc_open(paste("./temp/", filenames[1], sep = "")) :
Error in nc_open trying to open file ./temp/3B-DAY.MS.MRG.3IMERG.20140501-S000000-E235959.V06.nc4 (return_on_error= FALSE )

Thank you!

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