NAs while trying to drop rows - google data analytics course (Newbie)

Hi. I am trying to drop rows with negative values and values named "HQ QR". When I run my code my global environment shows a sensible reduction in obs but when I check my data frame it has so many NAs and things aren't adding up. All_trips is my df.
#This is the code I ran to drop rows

all_trips_v2 <- all_trips[!(all_trips$start_station_name == "HQ QR" | all_trips$ride_length<=0),]

#This is the code I ran to check any NA values present. The results it returned show that the NAs are more than the rows in my data set. My data set rows are about 6 million and the NA values returned are about 80 million.


My attempts at solving this:
When I drop the rows separately, the code with "HQ QR" values gives me NAs and the code with negative values works. My guess is "HQ QR" does not exist? I also tried checking for NAs in my original dataset before dropping the rows and the code showed that my NAs are significantly high about 3/4 of my rows.This is inaccurate. Is it possible that one of my calculations caused this?

Hi, for better help you all the community is important put the reproducible example of data.
Try to put a little sample of her data set

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