Namespace error loading Tidyverse, ggplot2

Hi, I am a new beginner student for R software.
Completely helpless looking to find solutions for this error. My professor in uni is unable to find a solution kindly help out for package tidyverse and ggplot2.
Already uninstalled re installed, new project different codes for uninstalling etc all tried using a mac air 2015 software updated and i use the latest R version and Ratudio version.

Error: package or namespace load failed for 'tidyverse' in readRDS(mapfile):
unknown input format

Please please help out :disappointed:

Hi @Antriksh_walia123 , welcome to the community. The first thing I would do is to re-install the package by usinginstall.packages("tidyverse") and then try to load the package again with library(tidyverse). My guess is that an installed filed was corrupted in your current installation, thus the error message.

It looks like you might just have erroneous quotes. You install packages with quotes, but add them to the library without quotes:


There's nothing wrong with using quotes in library('tidyverse'). It's just that they can be omitted.

The issue is likely a corrupted installation as mentioned above.

Thanks, I’ve learned something new today!

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