my website is not updating after posting in Github


First of all, I would like to thank you for making this awesome package of blogdown and willing to use it in the public side. :grinning:

I created my website last year and now I would like to keep working on my website.

I successfully created the contents of files as .rmd files in RStudio and committed to Github.

However, somehow it is not updating to my website.

I do not know why it is not connecting with Github and my website. I appreciate any help on this issue.

Thank you.

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Hi, there are a couple of things that can go wrong here. Your github repository is updated fine, from your screenshot, but your static website is not being served through git-pages, which would have an address like `

It's a bit of trial and error to do this. For one thing, by default, the repository is expected to be in the docs directory and, big deal, gh-pages expects a jekyll yaml. It can be made to work, but I switched to netlify, which uses Hugo-style yaml, and had it forward to my [address](]. (There are other options.)

I'm pretty sure you're ok on git. For deployment advice, see RMarkdown.

Finally, I'll throw down the generational gauntlet. I'm 72 and figured it out! You gonna let a boomer show you up? :grin:

But do post follow up questions for more help.


Thank you for your comment @technocrat!
I was trying to find any relevant solution in other resources. But I was not able to find one.

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My suggestion at this point is to go back to the RMarkdown site and read about Hugo deployment on Put up a single page site, then expand. There's a RStudio plugin within rmarkdown that makes this fairly painless. Once you have that working, you can replace the content with real content. When I did it, I main some bonehead mistakes, but it's working well now. Once you're satisfied you can have netify forward it to your own domain.

When you get stuck come back for more help. As you get up on netify we'll be to the point where it's basically file paths.

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