My Taskbar at the top of my screen is super zoomed in

I'm new to R and just downloaded the program. The first and biggest problem I'm having is that the taskbar at the top of my screen is in a very high font. I figured out that I could use ctrl + and - to fix the size of everything else but I still need to lower that font. Any help would be much appreciated. I'll attach a screenshot.


I'm not sure, but I think this font size is dictated by the window menu font settings on your operating system. Did you change the font size for menus in Windows or Mac settings? Try looking at them and see if it changes anything.

Good luck

Just checked and nothing changed. I think that this is an issue specific to R Studio because I haven't had any problems like this with any other applications.


That's too bad. I browsed again and found a similar issue where the solution was in those settings:

Unfortunately I'm out of ideas if that's not helping you, and hope someone else has some ideas.

Good luck

Some questions worth asking:

  1. What operating system are you using? (What is the output of utils::sessionInfo())?
  2. What version of RStudio do you have installed?
  3. What kind of machine are you working with? Does it have a high DPI display?
  4. Does running RStudio in a different compatibility mode (e.g. with alternate high DPI settings) help in your case?

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for your response.
I inputted the code you gave me in question 1 and it returned "Error:unexpected ')" in "utils..."
I am running version 1.2.1335 at least that is what I see when I go into the help section and click "about R Studio."
I have a new dell computer with an I7, 16 gb ram. I think maybe inspiron series. I also do think that my computer has a high dpi display.
I just tried running rstudio with the windows 8 and vista compatability mode setting and no dice.
also, when I open rstudio the screen will be blank for like 3-5 minutes as is seen in the screenshot below. Thank you for your response I look forward to trying to get this issue resolved asap


What is your display scaling set at? (You can access Display settings by pressing the Windows key and searching for "Display Settings".) Does changing that make a difference?

Do you have any better luck with one of the older releases of RStudio, as available from

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