My sqldf() query is only returning 7 rows where my R code returns 16. What am I doing wrong?

Here's what I have so far:

dffl= flights
dffl = dffl%>% drop_na()
dfall <- merge(dfa, dffl, by ="carrier")

      select name, AVG(flights.arr_delay) as 'average delay' from flights 
      inner join airlines on flights.carrier = airlines.carrier
      where flights.dest = 'ATL'
      group by name
      order by name, 'average delay' desc

I get 7 rows
but with this I get 16:

dfall %>%
  group_by(name, dest= 'ATL') %>%
  summarise(mean_delay= mean(arr_delay))%>%

In the R code producing 16 rows, the code is grouping by name and setting all dest = 'ATL'. I believe you want to first filter to dest == 'ATL' and then group by name only.

dfall %>%
  filter(dest == 'ATL') %>%
  group_by(name) %>%
  summarise(mean_delay= mean(arr_delay))%>%
#> # A tibble: 7 × 2
#>   name                        mean_delay
#>   <chr>                            <dbl>
#> 1 Endeavor Air Inc.                0.857
#> 2 Southwest Airlines Co.           6.90 
#> 3 Delta Air Lines Inc.             7.42 
#> 4 United Air Lines Inc.           10.5  
#> 5 Envoy Air                       14.0  
#> 6 ExpressJet Airlines Inc.        19.6  
#> 7 AirTran Airways Corporation     20.7

Created on 2022-10-13 with reprex v2.0.2.9000

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Oh, that makes sense. Thank you so much!

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