My-Shiny-Sales-App - Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Bojan Duric

Abstract: Get your market analysis, sales performance, and customer insights, all in one place. This shiny example is to spark your imagination and get your creative juice flowing. It was developed over 4 years ago and it worked perfectly after an upload in the new workspace proving that the technology is bullet proofed. ouR community is growing along with package offerings so some further simplifications possible by utilizing tidyverse, vroom, dtplyr but not necessary. I hope you liked it and most of all you find it useful in your work.

Full Description: This shiny app contains 3 parts:

Sales manger
Sales Manager with quick sales and quotes overview by customer and geo location. See who and where your customers are. Quick and clean overview of your sales and main metrics

Top N
Top N is popular and useful exploratory analysis. We can focus on few things at the time and top N is one of the approaches to slice and dice your customers, deals, or your best sales reps.

Customer Manager
Customer manager is yet another simple analysis RFM Recency Frequency and Monetary. This is very popular customer groupings based on recent buy, frequency of purchases, and finally monetary amount of sales closed.

Keywords: sales, insights, rbokeh, leaflet, tidy, RFM, topN, gis, interactive
Shiny app:
Repo: GitHub - bojanduric/shinycontest2021: This is my public repo for my sales app
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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