My RStudio application can't open.

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I downloaded the version R-4.2.2 for Windows and RStudio desktop for windows onto my computer. The problem is when I tried to run the Rstudio application, It can't open . By the way I don't get any notifications so I don't know what happened.
Here are some attempts I've taken to resovle this:

  • Unistalled both of R and Rstudio ( the latest version) and installed again.
  • Run RStudio as an administrator
  • Change the "Rendering Engine" to Software and Desktop.
  • Reinstalled different version of R (4.2.2 and 4.0.2)
  • Restart my laptop
    Sytem information
    OS version: Windows 10
    R version: 4.2.2
    RStudio version:2022.12.0+353
    RStudio edition: Desktop
    System type: 64-bit
    Thank you!

I'm sorry that you can't open RStudio.

Can you try the daily builds for 2022.12.1? Elsbeth Geranium

Also, run it with the diagnostics option to and post the diagnostics.

Do you see the splash screen start or does absolutely nothing happen? Please check the task manager to see if the process is still running.

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