My R only shows console and nothing else

Hi Everyone, I am using version 3.5.2 on my macbook and for some reason it only shows console and nothing else now. What can I do?

This is not clear, are you talking about R-GUI or RStudio? Have in mind that they are two very different things.

I am using R for Mac OS X GUI

Could you share a screen shot of what are you seen and explain what are you expecting to see?
R-GUI is basically just a console, unlike rstudio that is an IDE.

It seems I can only post one image here. The one below is what I could see in the past which has four windows, but now I can only use the console part. I don't know why this is happening because I am using the same application on my laptop.


I can't see any image in your post, but what confuses me the most is that you are saying

And it appears that you are expecting to see the rstudio IDE instead.

For rstudio to work you need to install suitable versions of both, R and rstudio from this links.

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I think the reason is for some reason Rstudio that I downloaded before was not operating on my laptop yesterday. I really appreciated your help! many thanks : )

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