My project won't open


I need help recovering my project
I get stuck in Opening Project phase. If i try to Relaunch the project I get the following error message:
HTTP 409: Conflicting task is in progress
If I try to delete the project (I read somewhere that it could solve the issue) I get the same error message.
I am able to create new projects and they don't get the same problem.


Hi @nippe

Sorry you're running into this. A few questions that might help us get to the bottom of things:

  • has this project ever opened successfully?
  • what browser (and version) are you using?
  • when you say "I get stuck in Opening Project phase", can you confirm that the loading message says "Opening Project"? Or does it say something else (e.g. "Deploying Project")?
  • can you try logging all the way out (that is, click the Log Out button) and then log back in and see if that fixes it?
  • does the project open in a different browser?


Thanks for your reply!
I’ve been trying different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even IE... so I’m pretty confident it’s not browser related. It passes the ‘Deploying Project’ part and the loading message says ‘Opening Project’ when it gets stuck. The project has been working fine before. I’ve tried to log out various times, but no luck.

Hm. I'm curious what, if anything, is in the JavaScript console when this project is stuck on "Opening". If you're using Chrome, you can open the Developer Tools and click on the "Console" tab to see it (or click View -> Developer -> JavaScript Console). Would you be willing to send a screenshot of your project when it's stuck with the JavaScript console open? You can DM it to me if you'd like.

Do any other projects open for you?


It goes on like this:

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