My project won't open (help!)

Dear RStudio Cloud Team,

I'm afraid that one of my projects won't open anymore. I've relaunched several times. I think the root issue might have to do with error message I received shortly before my project stopped opening - too little file space left.

This is the link to my project.

Useful information:

  1. It used to open fine. I've been using this project since December.
  2. I think I exceeded the file space allocated to the project.
  3. I just need to get the data off of it.

I need to download the data off of this project ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time!

Tim Fraser

Hi Tim,

I moved large files (>10MB) from /cloud/project (which was 100% full) to /home/rstudio-user/R temporarily since it had some space left unused. Please try to login again and see if you can get your files off.


Hi Omar,

Thank you so much for your help!
I have saved copies of everything. Two questions:

  1. How can I check the amount of remaining space on a project?
  2. How can I get the large files you kindly moved to /home/rstudio-user/R?
    Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Tim,

  1. go to Terminal tab (lower left corner, next to Console tab) and type df -h at the prompt to get a list of all volumes and their usage. The ones to look for are mounted on /cloud/project and /home/*

  2. if you want to access the files I moved, you can navigate to them using the Console, or using the Files window (bottom right). In there, you can specify the path to go to by clicking the ... button (Go to directory) and specify ~, then navigate to R older where the files are now. From there, you can download them to your computer.


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