My project gets stuck "resuming"

Please help me ASAP. This is a project that I need to turn in tomorrow.

Here is the error code I receive: There was a problem with the task, please try again. (Task 2d029937-0c65-4ad4-8ab4-5e7db4cc6f3b)

I did try on different browsers/restarting my laptop. Thank you!


I am also experiencing this issue! My project keeps "resuming" but will not open. I tried connecting to different Wifi and browsers but since you're experiencing it too it must be the site.

I also have an exam that is due tonight!

My error code: Task 7b589535-f814-4d1e-a4ff-85a4b9be586

I hope this can be resolved soon!

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I just submitted another topic about this since it's also an issue on my end (and it's also due fairly soon :face_holding_back_tears: )

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agh, good luck! I seriously hope someone from the Posit team looks into this asap!

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I wish you luck, as well!

Same exact issue with assignment due in a few days. It is only a matter of hours until I get emails from panicked students because they can't finish their work...

Ahoy all, it seems that cloud projects are coming online now. Please kindly retry.

Iā€™m consolidated this discussion into this thread; Can not open the R studuo cloud project