My Project Can't Open

Hi Guys,

My project wit url=Posit Cloud can't open.

Attached is the screenshot.

Hi, @kwebihaf,

This could be due to one or more possible problems. One possibility is network congestion, resulting in packet loss causing a garbled request that the receiving server couldn't deal with. Another is that the host server is experiencing a hiccup and will recover after an internal bot notices and reboots the parent process that's responding. There are other possible technical reasons, but *all of them are on the other end from you, and nothing that you can fix.

I just successfully opened a project at 2020-04-03 23:53 PST from Seattle, which has generally good connectivity. It did seem slow, though. So, I'm uncertain whether connectivity or server load might be the problem.

In any case, patience may solve the issue for you. Please come back if it persists, though. Good luck!

Thanks @technocrat.

Just deleted it and setup a new one.

Other projects were opening fine, it's only that one that was problematic.

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Go figure. Great. Please your mark your solution for the benefit of those to follow. No false modesty! :grin:

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