MY Metacycle code is getting null results. Is my code correct!!

Load required libraries

install.packages(c("MetaCycle", "circular"))

Read gene expression data from CSV file

expression_data <- read.csv("C:/My own analysis/R-trials/rees_time_trial.csv", row.names = 1)

Remove genes with 0 TPM at all time points

expression_data <- expression_data[rowSums(expression_data != 0, na.rm = TRUE) > 0, ]

Extract timepoints from column names

timepoints <- as.numeric(gsub("X", "", colnames(expression_data)))

Check for any NA values in timepoints

if (any( {
stop("The 'timepoints' contain NA or NaN values.")

Write data to temporary text file in the required format

temp_file <- tempfile(fileext = ".txt")
write.table(expression_data, temp_file, sep = "\t", quote = FALSE, col.names = NA)

Perform MetaCycle analysis with adjusted parameters

mc_result <- meta2d(temp_file, time = timepoints, filestyle = "txt", minper = 12, maxper = 35, adjustPhase = "predictedPer")

Extract cycling genes

cycling_genes <- mc_result$cycling.genes

Calculate circadian phase (CT) for each transcript

phase_estimates <- mc_result$phase.estimates
period_estimates <- mc_result$period.estimates
circadian_phase <- (phase_estimates * 24) / period_estimates

Calculate circular phase means

circular_phase_means <- circular::mean.circular(circular_phase, type = "angle", na.rm = TRUE)

Print cycling genes


Print circadian phase estimates


Print circular phase means


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