My heat map is not showing me gene names

I was trying to generate heat map for my ran seq data. In first column I had my gene names, other two columns were for the fold change values for different samples. When I followed the instructions and generated the heat map, it also took the gene names as one of the samples and generated heat map. I want the names to be on the side. Not sure how to do that. Is there any specific way I have to create my file. The command I used is below:

Install packages (“gplots”)

Library (“gplots”)

x <- read.csv("Desktop/combined_result.csv")

x (to check the table)

y <- data.matrix(x)

y (to check the table)
Heatmap.2(y, main = “Shigella”, trace = “none”, margins = c(10,12))

I would really appreciate if someone can help me figure out the mistake.

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