My column numbers are negative from the 50th column

Hello there !
When I import my database, which contains more than 800 columns, I see that the column numbers above the 50th are negative. it's positive from 1 to 50, and then I see column -49, -48, -47 and I don't understand why it doesn't just continue with positive numbers.
This is very annoying because i can't create sub-datasets easily as I can't identify the correct column number.
Do you have a solution for changing that ?
Thanks !

Can you clarify what kind of database you're using, and how you interact with it? Specifically where you see the column numbers (e.g. provide some example code)?

Asking because as far as I know most SQL-based databases don't really use column numbers in normal usage.

I have the same issue!

This is REALLY REALLY annoying...
So basically the 51th column shows -49, and the 101th column shows -99.
It doesn't make sense at all. And now I have no quick way to check which column it is.
Hope RStudio can fix this bug really quickly.

So if I understand correctly, both @Jadouille and @wps2674 your problem is when using the View() functionality on a data frame with more than 50 columns, the column name displayed by the hovertext becomes incorrect when displaying columns that don't start at 1?

I could reproduce the issue in the previous version (2023.06.1+524), this appears to have been fixed with the latest version of Rstudio (2023.06.2+561, released: 2023-08-30). You may want to update.

@wps2674 if for some reason you are unable to update, the quickest way to check might be directly with R code:

which( names(my_dataframe) == "spei12_8mo_af" )

Also note that in R you almost never really need a column number, in the vast majority of cases there is an equivalent way using the column name instead.

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I updated RStudio and it works!
Thank you Alexis! Yes I know I can program to find our the location of a specific column but sometimes I just want to have a quick check for that.
Thank you any way!

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