My code is returning the word twice. Any reason for this?

The URL to my project is above. I'm having trouble retrieving the words found in each Corpus row. My code is below. The results just return the first word found.

Run this search by the algorithm for Peace Corp Data

search_res_PeaceCorp <- merge(search_dtPeaceCorp[, id:=1L], search_for[, id:=1L], by="id", allow.cartesian=TRUE)[,
match:=corpusPeaceCorp %like% word, by=.(corpusPeaceCorp, word, value)][
match==TRUE, .(words=paste(sort(word), collapse=", "), "Peace Corp Insider Word Score"=sum(value)), by=corpusPeaceCorp]

search_res_PeaceCorp <- merge(search_dtPeaceCorp[, -"id"], search_res_PeaceCorp, on="corpusPeaceCorp", all.x=TRUE)

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