My application works on local machine but not on

Hi All,

I have an application that uses plotly graphs. in the application I have a button that converts this plotly app to an image using plotly_IMAGE and pushes it to a dropobox account.

This application works fine on my system. (or any other standalone machine) it also worked fine when I deployed the application. But when someone else deploys this application the page gets disconnected when the button is pressed.

  1. There is nothing in the error logs that indicates what happened
  2. The Network usage on browser does not indicate anyting that takes longer than 20 sec.
  3. All time out settings in the app is set to maximum
  4. No the limit of 50 or hundred exports per day using plotly_IMAGE has not been reached.
  5. The Authentication for plotly_IMAGE happens within the application
  6. I am using r2drop to write to the dropbox account
  7. the authentication for dropbox happens using a token.rds
  8. the image files are written to a temp file first and then pushed to dropbox account.

I am not sure what is happening and I have run out of options.

I am thinking the shinyappio server that is hosting this has no disk-spakce left. is there a way to check this? (and clean the server if that is true?)
any help guidance is appreciated.


For clarification, are you saying that another individual is taking the application code and deploying a completely separate application with it? And only this second application is having issues on, not what you yourself have deployed?

We monitor our systems for available disk space and haven't seen any issues in that regard.

Could you include links to both your working version of the application and the other individual's non-working version so we can troubleshoot this?

@akshaykadidal you could try using the new orca() function instead of plotly_IMAGE() to do the image export locally; although, if it really is a disk-space issue, that likely won't fix the issue