multivariate probit

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For analyzing my data, a multivariate probit model is suggested in the literature. I have six dependent variables and up to seven independent variables. I have coded the data in Excel and imported it into R for analysis. Initially, I didn't get any results, but I managed to get something eventually. Unfortunately, I'm getting the following error message at the end, and the data is not understandable: 0 rows I don't quite understand, as I followed the approach similar to the one in the article "What hampers innovation? Revealed barriers versus deterring barriers" by D'Este et al. (2012).
probit <- mvProbit(
cbind(ACP, P, C, FC, BLF, B, Tu, R) ~ Age + Genre + Formelle_BTS + Formelle_primaire +
Formelle_secondaire + Formelle_wolofal + Formelle_aucun + Informel + AS + Exp +
NbF + BenefP + Sup + RendCP + PFC + NbPest + UP + NbR + PMAg + Animaux + MOM +
NbAf + NbE + PMT + AP + Dep + CMM + NbA + IIM + Suff + ProcF + NbFRend +
Village_Darou + Village_Keur + Village_Tawa + RE,
data = data

Even ChatGPT couldn't help me further.

Start by inspecting your data
nrow(data) would show the number of rows in a data.frame called data
if you get 0 you somehow have an empty frame.
if you get NULL or something else, you probably havent got so far as to have an appropriate data object. and need to go back a step and think about how you are providing data , i.e. what R code would bring it into existence.

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