Multivariate Ordinal Probit - Output

Dear All,

I am currently using a multivariate ordinal probit from a package called 'mvord.'

The mvord model has two ordinal dependent variables. Yet, unlike packages (such as Zelig), where I was able to obtain expected values out fo Y at each ordinal level (see 'ev' here, Ordered Probit • Zelig), I cannot seem to obtain similar output with multiple dependent variables.

I would appreciate if anyone knew if this was possible. Below, I've attached some sample code from mvord.

data("data_cr", package = "mvord")
head(data_cr, n = 3)
str(data_cr, vec.len = 2.9)

res_cor_probit_simple <- mvord(formula = MMO2(rater1, rater2, rater3, rater4) ~ 0 + LR + LEV + PR + RSIZE + BETA, data = data_cr)

summary(res_cor_probit_simple, call = FALSE)

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