`multirow.sty' in 'KableExtra' package

Everytime I try to knit when using the code "library(kableExtra) on RMD, it comes up with the following error:

! LaTeX Error: File `multirow.sty' not found.

! Emergency stop.
<read *>

Error: LaTeX failed to compile DAPR2-Report-1.tex. See The R package tinytex - Helper Functions to Manage TinyTeX, and Compile LaTeX Documents - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉 for debugging tips. See DAPR2-Report-1.log for more info.
Execution halted

Does anyone know how to fix this??

Welcome in the group!
If you search the group, you will see that other users encountered this error before.

See if this link (https://yihui.org/tinytex/#maintenance ) helps.

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