Multiple variables in a custom value?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on code for TidyCensus. I'm trying to pull data by block group to find statistics for target areas made of block groups. Here is a snippet of what I currently have.

report_year = 2020
report_geography = "block group"
report_geoid = 482015523031
report_state = "TX"
report_survey = "acs5"
export_name = "Blockgroup_2020_Snapshot.csv"

acs_lan_1 <- get_acs(
  geography = report_geography,
  state = report_state,
  year = report_year,
  survey = report_survey,
  summary_var = "C16001_001",
  variables = c(
  filter(GEOID == report_geoid)

acs_lan_1b <- acs_lan_1 %>% 
  mutate(value = ((estimate/1))) %>% 
  select(variable, estimate, value, summary_est) %>% 
  mutate(percent = (value/summary_est)) %>% 
  select(variable, value, percent)

acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_002"] <- "English Only"
acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_003"] <- "Spanish"
acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_012"] <- "Slavic Languages"
acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_021"] <- "Chinese"
acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_027"] <- "Tagalog"
acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_033"] <- "Arabic"
acs_lan_1b[acs_lan_1b == "C16001_018"] <- "Korean"

I am very new to R so I'm sure this code isn't as efficient as it could be but I was curious if there is a way to add multiple variables to my report_geoid value and include that in the code as my filter so I wont have to rerun the code for each block group in the target areas (some target areas include 20+ block groups).
The code I wrote is very long so I would prefer to not to do a set of code for each block group but might not have a choice.

Thanks for any help!

I would use %in% in your filter condition. Then when you set up report_geoid you can set it up as a vector instead of just a single value:

report_geoid <- c(482015523031, 123456789123) # The second number is made up

Then, in your filter I would do this:

filter(GEOID %in% report_geoid)

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, works perfectly!
This may warrant another post but do you know of a way to calculate variables in a data frame with only the same variables?

Example seen below...

Is there any way to combine the variables with the same variable ID into one line?
I know I could do them individually and do a sum with the column but I would like to prevent making the code and calling the ACS data for every section.

If I'm understanding you right, you want dplyr::group_by and dplyr::summarize. So if you wanted to combine all of the numeric columns into one row per GEOID, you might do something like:

df %>%
    group_by(GEOID) %>%
        across( # Use across to perform an operation on many columns at once

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