multiple shinyapps with authentication


I am running a linux virtual machine server for my shiny apps. I had one folder with all apps and it was possible to access those just by changing the path : , . Due to confidentially of the data in the apps I had to include an authentication and I have used the packages AzureAuth, AzureGraph and Microsoft365R.

The authentication was successfully implemented but now it is not possible to navigate from app to app just by changing the url like I have referred before. I understand that the url now, after the authentication is no longer the same... but I don't see how I can redirect from one central app to the others now...

Sorry for not providing a reprex but I wouldn't even what to share. Any help is truly appreciated.


I'm not sure what is the architecture you're describing here. By "changing the URL", do you mean the user manually typing it into the browser address bar, or programmatically within the app?

Thank you for your reply. Yes is the second case, so having a button that redirects to a second app. This was working fine before adding the authentication..

I think for this to work, you need a way to pass the token object (that you obtained with get_azure_token) from app1 to app2. I don't know much about Shiny, but presumably there's a way to do this securely. If not, you could just redo the authentication in app2. The browser will presumably cache the user's credentials so they don't actually have to login a second time.

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