Multiple scatter series - highcharter


I would plot a scatter graph with 2 grouping variables with R highcharter package : name and type

name variable would be the color of points, type variable should be the point marker

here a sample data :

df = data.frame(name = c("model1", "model2", "model3","model1", "model2", "model3"), 
           height = c(20.22,10.33,5.6666,35.444,55.1212,60.1212), 
           weight = c(14.444,10.6666,11,30.6666,60.444,70.1212),

The legend should have this 2 differents entries (as in ggplot2 package) list of model - and list of type See ggplot graph below :

highchart() %>%
hc_add_series(subset(df,type=="cor"), type = "scatter", hcaes(x = weight, y = height,group=name), showInLegend = TRUE) %>%
hc_add_series(subset(df,type=="raw"), type = "scatter", hcaes(x = weight, y = height,group=name), showInLegend = TRUE) %>%
hc_legend(align = "left",verticalAlign = "top",layout = "vertical")

How to do this in a simple way with highcharter package ?
many thanks

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