Multiple R installation on R studio


I would like to install R 3.4.4 and the latest version of R (currently (3.6.1) on the same Mac Machine and I would like to use alternatively both under R studio.

On a Win machine this procedure is quite easy: I install both versions on the same directory then I use Tools > Global Options and under R General > Rsession > R Version I can easily switch from one version to the other. On a Mac machine, I installed the same two R version and, in the end, R studio but it is possible to choose just one version because the "R version" option is not present as in Windows.

Can you help me in solving this problem?

Take a look into RSwitch

When installing multiple versions of R on macOS (from CRAN), you also need to pay attention to the install dialog. In particular:

Note: By default the installer upgrades previous El Capitan build of R if present. If you want to keep the previous version, use
pkgutil --forget org.r-project.R.el-capitan.fw.pkg

Otherwise, the installer will uninstall a previously-installed version of R.

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