Multiple projects using the same data

I have multiple projects, each with multiple R scripts, that I would like to keep separate that use the same large data set. Currently I have a copy of the data set in each directory and use here() to read in the data. Is there any way the directories can be set up to access a single copy of the data?

You can use here("../") to access folders and files outside your project folder (i.e., project's working directory).
For example, you can put the shared data set in the folder named shared_data. Then read/import the data using read_csv(here("../shared_date/my_data.csv")).

The file structure may like this:

+-- project_01
|   +-- result
|   \-- scripts
+-- project_02
|   +-- result
|   \-- scripts
+-- project_03
|   +-- result
|   \-- scripts
\-- shared_data
    \-- my_data.csv
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