Multiple Linear Regression with Antecedents


I am currently working on my Master's thesis in business and culture, and I'm investigating antecedents and moderators of Cultural Intelligence. I have found a few good articles and videos on how to incorporate moderators into a regression analysis in Rstudio, but I cannot find anything on antecedents...

So my question is, how do I incorporate antecedents into a "normal" regression analysis?

My analysis looks something like this btw (without the moderator):

lm(DP ~ IDV1 + IDV2 + Demographics, data=data2)

Sounds fascinating. I'd love to read the thesis.

However, from an R point of view I think we need to see what you are doing in the code and what the data coding looks like. We have no idea of what you are doing with antecedents. For example are you treating them by media or by theme. Perhaps by language? All of the above?

Have a look at


and see if they help in expanding on your question.

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