Multiple linear regression: $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

Hi community,

I am very new to RStudio so this is probably a very basic questions, but I get the error " $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors" when I want to get the plots of a multiple linear regression with General Happiness as my dependent variable and Job Satisfaction as the independent variable. I want to use Age and Gender as the controll variables. I only get 2 plots, but there should be 2 (Cook's Distance and fitted vs. residuals).

This is the data I use:
This is my code so far:

mult.reg <-lm(ESS$happy ~ ESS$stfjb + ESS$agea + ESS$gndr)

Can someone help me out and tell me what the problem is and what's to be done to solve it?

labels imported from the sav file are causing the issue, try with this

mult.reg <-lm(happy ~ stfjb + agea + gndr, data = zap_labels(ESS))

awesome, thank you so much, Andres! :slight_smile:

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