Multiple line plot with standard deviation

Hi all,

I have simulated data on ecosystem services (deadwood volume, standing tree volume, and deciduous wood volume). I want to make a line plot of their standard deviation and projections into the future. I want it exactly like in the image below.

I am not very good with r code. I would appreciate your suggestion on how to write the appropriate code for the plot

A great place to start is this excellent tutorial on plotting in general.
3 Data visualisation | R for Data Science (

The individual plots were produced using ggplot2:
Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics • ggplot2 (
The vertical lines use this type of geom:
Vertical intervals: lines, crossbars & errorbars — geom_crossbar • ggplot2 (

The plots are put together using one of these packages:
The Composer of Plots • patchwork (
Streamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for ggplot2 • cowplot (

Thanks for your response

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