Multiple HTML page file as shiny HTML Template


I have an HTML template consisting of multiple *.html files to build a shiny app. i am trying to create some plots and other input like sliderInput() in index.html file using htmlTemplate("www/index.html") I also created a sidebar as a menu (something like the bs4Dash package dashboard). each menu refers to one page that is in one particular html file. when I open the page that refers to the index.html file everything works fine. The *Output() shows the appropriate result. For example, I created a <div>{{textOutput("order")}}</div> in the index.html file and the results matched.

But when I open another menu (referring to another html file, for example page2.html) which contains <div>{{sliderInput("slider")}}</div>, it still shows <div>{{sliderInput ("slider")}}</div>, not the renderText() result from the server.

Does anyone know how to work around this? I am not a web programmer and beginner in html and css.

Any help much appreciate, thank you.

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