Multiple factoextra plots


My issue is the following: I have multiple different dataset, and I would like to use PCA on each. To analyse the results I want to create 3 different gg object with {factoextra}, but I cannot use them with {ggpubr}. Do you have any idea how to merge the 3 result into one single plot?


list_data <- replicate(3, simplify = F,  
                       expr = {tibble(x = rnorm(1000), y = rnorm(1000), z = rnorm(1000))})

list_pca <- map(list_data, princomp)

p <- map(list_pca, factoextra::fviz_eig)

#> Warning in as_grob.default(plot): Cannot convert object of class list into a
#> grob.

Created on 2021-09-23 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Thank for the help in advance,

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