Multiple Data Sets

I'm currently working on a stats project in rstudio but have very limited knowledge of the coding language. I wanted to compare multiple years of a similarly structured .csv data set from the internet. Is there a simple way to do comparative stats between the data sets? Any direction would be helpful! I tried using the dplyr plug in but had issues installing the package.

compare multiple years of a similarly structured .csv data

In terms of stats advice, and think the best advice you get will depend on the kind of comparison you'd like to do.

If you're looking to compare summary statistics (for example, comparing mean and variance), then dplyr & ggplot2 would be a pretty nice way to go. A good gentle introduction can be found in the Explore section fo R4DS.

package installation

Relying on packages is pretty common when working with R, and learning how to install them without error is a pretty useful skill. A good way to help help with your package installation problems is by providing as close to a reproducible example as you can. I'd share the text you tried to use to install the package and the error message it returned.

There's also this nice trouble shooting guide,

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