multilevel analysis

I would like to see the impact of the interaction between the country level and individual level variables. gorup_id indicates the country_group.

model <- lmer(sfd_indx ~ IV(countrylevel) * IV (individual level)+ gdpcap + pop + year + (1|group_id), data = aut)

This does not look like a valid lmer call to me; is it one ?

How should it look? I was afraid it might have been wrong. My data set has following columns: year, country, sfd_indx, education, regime, year, age, gdp, gdppcap. regime, gdp, gdpcap are country level and I want to see the interaction between regime and education.

what is IV ? I've never seen that before in such a context and I can't guess what you are intending by that.

also you cant ask lmer to use countrylevel for any purpose if you dont provide anything with that name;

IV independent variables I did not want to specify. I have two independent variables; one is individual level the other one is country level. id_group is created by the following code: aut <- mutate(aut, group_id = aut$country)

I don't know if you are inventing your own syntax, using pseudocode; are have loaded some R package that provides functionality via a helper function IV()

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